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Please consult this list of questions before contacting the moderator, please comment or PM with any additional concerns!

Do we have to use AO3 to participate?

Yes. If you need an account, please request an invite code here. This is the easiest way to organize the fest and maintain the moderator's sanity.

Do we have to use Dreamwidth to participate?

Absolutely not. This group is simply to gather all the information about the Fest in a central, easily accessible location and share our creations after the Fest has ended. OpenID is always on, but you are by no means required to join or post here to participate.

What type of prompts/stories are allowed?

Each Fest will have a vague theme attached, all prompts and fills should (somehow, it is very open to interpretation) fit this basic theme. Prompts can be as specific or vague as you like, keeping in mind there are no “assignments” – writers/artists are welcome to pick any that they like to fill. Prompts are not required (though are welcome to) specifically address aging. Gen, family, shippy, PWP, character studies, any sort of prompts are welcome.

Fills should be keeping with the overall theme of the challenge as well as the prompt(s) you have chosen to create for. This is about showcasing characters over 40, and showing why you adore them! Any rating, fandom, and kink is allowed but please label accordingly!

Do characters have to be over 40 in canon?

Not necessarily, this would be preferable but as long as the prompt and fill are specifically set when the character *is* over 40, it’s completely acceptable. In the case of non-humans such as vampires or demons that are older than they appear we ask to go based on appearance - if they *appear* over 40, they're fair game. For example; in Supernatural fandom the angel Castiel would NOT qualify, but the demon Crowley WOULD. If in doubt, ask!

What types of fandoms are allowed?

All fandoms are allowed, including RPF and Original fiction.

What are the Fill requirements?

All works must be at least 500 words, 5 icons/gifs, 5 songs + coverart for a mix, 1 piece of fanart in any medium, 1 podfic (with permission from the writer) of a fic of at least 500 words.

Works are not gifts, but they should be in the spirit of the prompt you claim. This means respecting the fandom, characters and details requested. If there are no fandom specific prompts that suit your interest, please feel free to use one of the unspecified fandom prompts!

What type of warnings are required?

AO3 warnings must be used. Works that do not use one of the required AO3 warnings or the ‘no archive warnings apply’ option will be removed. That aside, we trust you all to tag accordingly for disturbing material.

Where can I post?

AO3, obviously, but after the reveal you are free to post anywhere you like! Please note that your work was done for Over 40 Fest in case someone might be interested in participating next round!

Post-reveal you are also free to post your works to this Dreamwidth community with proper header and subject line.

How does this work?

When the collection opens for signups/prompts a link will be posted in the DW group, on twitter, tumblr, etc – click that link and make anywhere from 1-50 prompts. Be as vague or specific as you like. Fandoms and pairings are optional.

After signups have closed, another announcement will be made and you will be able to come in and read through the various prompts and click ‘Claim’ when you find one you like to have it assigned to you. When you are done with your fill, return to your Claims tab on AO3 and click ‘Fill’ to add your work to the collection! You may fill as many prompts as you like (or none at all, if you insist) and you do not have to prompt to fill!

What happens if I find a prompt or fill offensive or not in the spirit of the Fest?

Please let us know. We will be keeping an eye out for potential problems, but appreciate being made aware of anything that may have been missed. Moderators will deal with it from there.
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